• 17. November 2023

Succesful completion of the first year of the EASI ZERo poject

The EASI ZERo project consortium has just wrapped up a productive partner meeting in Brussels, Belgium, celebrating the successful completion of the project's first year. This milestone marks a significant achievement in our mission to reduce the environmental impact of European buildings through innovative zero energy building renovation solutions.

Optimization of bio-based insulation materials

Over the past year, our dedicated consortium has been hard at work optimizing bio-based insulation materials and specifying stringent product requirements to ensure the highest standards of sustainability and efficiency. This collaborative effort has laid a strong foundation for the project's future phases.

Moving forward: Up-scaling and integration

With the first year successfully behind us, we now turn our focus to the crucial next phase: up-scaling the production of our bio-based insulation materials and integrating them into wall component prototypes.

These prototypes will undergo rigorous testing against established standards and numerical modeling, and they will be validated in real-world use cases. This comprehensive approach aims to demonstrate the characteristic performances of our materials and propose optimal assembly configurations.

The EASI ZERo system

The EASI ZERo system is a kit of components for efficient energy renovation of buildings with a low carbon footprint. The innovative materials lineup include:

  • Fungal mycelium-based insulation panels, 100% bio-based
  • Wood-fibre based insulation panels with optimized performances
  • Waterglass foam for high insulating fillings
  • Insulation render based on recycled materials
  • Non-flammable phase change material (PCM) capsules to enhance the heat and cold storage of buildings
  • Window and door frames of bio-based PUR foam
  • Paint that removes VOCs (volatile organic compounds) improving the indoor air quality and incorporating bio-based resins
  • PV panels for façade and colored PV tiles for near zero energy buildings

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