• 31. May 2024

EASI ZERo consortium meeting marked 1.5 years of innovation progress

In May 2024, Sievert SE hosted a productive partner consortium meeting for the EASI ZERo project in the picturesque town of Karlstadt, Germany, nestled along the River Main. This gathering marked 1.5 years of significant progress in our mission to develop sustainable insulation materials and products aimed at energy-efficient building renovations with a low carbon footprint.

Approaching the halfway point of the project

The meeting brought together all 16 of our partners from across Europe to reflect on our achievements and strategize for the next phase of this initiative. As we approach the halfway point of the project's timeline, the partners presented and discussed advancements in optimizing bio-based insulation panels, functional renders, and nanotech-enabled materials such as waterglass foam, all designed to enhance the thermal performance of building envelopes.

Key Highlights of the Meeting:

  • Partners reviewed the substantial progress made in the development of sustainable insulation materials.
  • Detailed discussions on optimizing bio-based insulation panels and the application of nanotech-enabled materials.
  • Strategic planning for the upscaling, testing, and demonstration of these innovative materials to improve building envelope energy performance and user well-being, while significantly reducing carbon emissions.

As we move forward to the next phase, our focus will be on upscaling, testing, and demonstrating how these cutting-edge materials can accelerate building renovation across Europe, contributing to lower carbon emissions and enhanced energy efficiency.

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Sievert SE, a specialist in building materials, hosted the consortium meeting and did a tour around their plant in Karlstadt, Germany.