• 20. June 2023

Consortium meeting marked the first six months of innovation progress

The EASI ZERo project consortium has just concluded a highly productive meeting in Würzburg, Germany, June 2023, marking the first six months of progress in our collective mission to minimize the environmental impact of European buildings through cutting-edge zero energy building renovation solutions. 

The upcoming phase will concentrate on the development of innovative materials and components for the building envelope, ensuring enhanced efficiency and sustainability. Below is an overview of our groundbreaking product lineup:

  • Fungal mycelium-based insulation panels, 100% bio-based
  • Wood-fibre based insulation panels with optimized performances
  • Waterglass foam for high insulating fillings
  • Insulation render based on recycled materials
  • Non-flammable phase change material (PCM) capsules to enhance the heat and cold storage of buildings
  • Window and door frames of bio-based PUR foam
  • Paint that removes VOCs (volatile organic compounds) improving the indoor air quality and incorporating bio-based resins
  • PV panels for façade and colored PV tiles for near zero energy buildings

Read more about the project aims and objectives

The meeting was hosted by Fraunhofer ISC who gave a tour around their campus and facilities for material optimization and development. 


Roundtour in the lab faclities of the Fraunhofer ISC.

Project partners at Fraunhofer ISC campus in Würzburg, Germany.

Consortium meetings took place at the historic Alte Augenklinik (the Old Eye Clinic) of the Würzburg campus.