• 1. February 2023

Consortium kicked off the EASI ZERo project

The consortium representing leading renovation and materials experts kicked off the EU-funded EASI ZERo project at CEA in Chambéry, France, January 2023. Together, they will over the next 3,5 years develop innovative technology for efficient zero energy building renovation in Europe.

The consortium brings together 16 partners from across Europe who represent the whole construction industry and renovation value chain: Material manufacturers and providers, insulation systems promoters, laboratory and standardization experts, and engineers for building renovation design. Such organization is expected to generate maximized synergies between partners and accelerate the roll-out of innovative, high efficient insulation products from materials to design and installation recommendations.

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The project is organized in eight work packages. The structure of the work plan ensures the development of advanced material for insulation products for deep renovation and construction that are validated through standardaized tests, simulations and real use-cases.

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